Cherry 110 g





About the Product

The premium red colored cherries that  imports are spherical with faint heart forms and dimples at the stem end.
These fruits are scarlet in color, and their firm, luscious flesh has a sweet-tart flavor.
Directly purchased from farmers,  Cherries are expertly packaged to guarantee the highest quality for you.


Cherries lessen stroke risk and the discomfort of arthritis.
Both the fiber and vitamin C content is high.
Additionally, cherries encourage healthy sleep and minimize abdominal obesity.

Storage and Uses

Put them in the fridge right away. They quickly lose their quality at room temperature, so avoid keeping them there.
Cherries are an easy and delectable snack. Add cherries to your porridge, custards, salads, and desserts.
They work well as toppings. Blend them to create luscious smoothies.