Saffola Soya Mini Chunks – Tender & Juicy, High In Protein & Fibre, 200 g


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About the Product

Presenting The way Saffola Soya small Chunks are prepared guarantees that the soya small chunks stay incredibly soft and take on flavour wonderfully, adding flavour to your soya mini chunk recipe. Saffola Soya Mini Chunks are made by extruding nutritious soy seeds into defatted soy flour. To achieve the highest quality, we carefully choose our ingredients and study and balance the important nutritional components including protein and dietary fibres. Finally, it is extruded under careful process control to produce soya chunks that cook more quickly, allowing you to experience chunks that are tender, juicy, and flavorful.


Defatted Soya (100%)

Nutritional Facts

As per 100 g –

  • Energy – 312 kcal