Tekwa (Atta + Chini )/400g


Tekwa (Atta + Chini )/400g

Indulge in the perfect fusion of nourishment and sweetness with our Atta + Chini Tekwa. Crafted from the finest whole wheat flour and premium sugar, each bite is a delightful combination of wholesome goodness and natural sweetness. Elevate your snack time with this nutritious and flavorful treat that caters to both your health and sweet cravings.

Key Features:

🌾 Whole Wheat Goodness: Made with high-quality whole wheat flour, our Atta + Chini Tekwa is a source of essential nutrients, providing a wholesome snacking experience.

🍯 Premium Sugar Sweetness: The addition of premium sugar ensures a perfect balance of sweetness, making it a delectable and guilt-free treat for any time of the day.

🌿 No Artificial Additives: Free from artificial preservatives or additives, our Atta + Chini Tekwa is a natural and pure snack that captures the essence of traditional flavors.

Nourish Your Body with Every Bite – Order Atta + Chini Tekwa Today!


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