At Patnakart, we are proud to share our journey and the invaluable support we have received from SABOUR AGRI INCUBATORS (SABAGRIS), a visionary project under the RKVYRAFTAAR Agri Business Incubators (R-ABI), sponsored by the Ministry of Agriculture and Farmers Welfare, GoI.

Incubating Innovation

SABAGRIS played a pivotal role in incubating Patnakart, providing a nurturing environment for our agribusiness startup to flourish. The incubator's tailored approach for the agricultural sector allowed us to explore innovative ideas and solutions, shaping the foundation of Patnakart.

Government Backing

The support from SABAGRIS comes with the strategic backing of the Government of India through the Ministry of Agriculture and Farmers Welfare. This not only boosted our confidence but also opened doors to additional resources and opportunities vital for our growth.

Specialized Guidance

The expertise and guidance offered by SABAGRIS were instrumental in navigating the unique challenges of the agribusiness landscape. The incubator's network of mentors and industry experts provided us with insights that have been invaluable in steering Patnakart towards success.

Access to Resources

Being part of SABAGRIS granted us access to a wealth of resources, including state-of-the-art facilities, research infrastructure, and a collaborative community of like-minded entrepreneurs. This support infrastructure significantly accelerated the development and implementation of our ideas.

Community of Innovators

SABAGRIS not only incubated Patnakart but also connected us with a vibrant community of innovators in the agriculture sector. This collaborative environment fostered knowledge exchange and partnerships that have been crucial in expanding our impact.

Recognition and Visibility

Through SABAGRIS, Patnakart gained recognition and visibility within the agribusiness ecosystem. The incubator's platforms and events provided us with opportunities to showcase our startup, attracting investors, collaborators, and potential customers.


SABAGRIS has been more than an incubator; it has been a catalyst for Patnakart's growth. The support received has empowered us to overcome challenges, innovate, and contribute meaningfully to the agribusiness sector.
Join us in expressing gratitude to SABAGRIS for its unwavering support in shaping the success story of Patnakart.
Transforming agriculture, one innovation at a time - Patnakart, supported by SABOUR AGRI INCUBATORS (SABAGRIS).