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At Patnkart Agro Farms, we are passionate about revolutionizing agriculture through cutting-edge technology and sustainable practices. Join us on our journey to make a positive impact on the agricultural landscape and be a part of a team dedicated to feeding the world in a responsible and innovative way.

Current Openings

Explore our current job openings across various departments:


– Conduct research to develop and implement efficient farming practices.

– Provide guidance on crop management and disease control.

Agtech Engineer

 – Design and implement technological solutions to enhance farm operations.

 – Work on precision agriculture and automation projects.

Supply Chain Analyst

 – Optimize supply chain processes to ensure timely delivery of products.

 – Collaborate with vendors and distributors for efficient logistics.

Marketing Specialist

 – Develop and execute marketing strategies to promote our agro products.

– Create engaging content for digital platforms and outreach programs.


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