Masoor Dal


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About  the Product
One of the most popular lentils in India is called Masoor Dal. This dal is colour crimson and skinless. By removing pollutants, it assists in purifying your skin. Red lentils include a lot of fibre, which lowers cholesterol, and potassium, which lowers high blood pressure. Red lentils are a great food for diabetics because of their low glycemic index. It improves immunological function. This dal has a great, earthy flavour and cooks up quickly. It provides nearly no fat and dietary fibre, vitamin B1, folate, and minerals.

Nutritional Facts

  • Calories: 350,

  • Carbs: 60 g,

  • Fat: 2 g,

  • Protein: 23 g.

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1.5kg, 1kg, 500gm


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