Saffola Rolled Oats


Saffola Rolled Oats

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Saffola Rolled Oats|Creamy 100% Natural, High Protein & Fiber| Healthy Cereal, Pouch (1 kg)

With this package of Saffola oats, you can eat well and live well. It saves a significant amount of your morning time because it takes no preparation. Additionally, it satisfies your hunger at any time of day. This delicious, wholesome breakfast is ready in only three minutes.

Composed entirely of natural whole grain oats.

Saffola oats are produced entirely of whole grains of natural oats, providing you with a wealth of health advantages.

A Permanent Instant Snack

You can eat a bowl of Saffola oats other than for breakfast, such as in the evening or even at night.

High in Proteins and Fiber

You can have a healthy dose of fiber and proteins by eating oats on a regular basis, which is a significant benefit.

   Brand                                   Saffola
Base Ingredients                Oats
  Maximum Life                   12 Months
 Dietary Preference            No Cholesterol, No Trans Fat